In September 2007 a group of individuals from local animal welfare agencies began meeting to discuss ways we could partner with Springfield-Greene County Animal Control to address animal welfare issues. The result: Springfield Animal Advocacy Foundation (SAAF). Our dream: A no-kill community by 2018. We took a significant step towards that dream with the opening of SAAFhouse in August 2010. SAAFhouse is Missouri‚Äôs first Humane Alliance model spay/neuter clinic, providing the highest quality services at the lowest cost...

Did you know??

Research has found that cats adopted without a fee fare as well as cats with a fee.  Folks in the animal welfare world have long fretted over the idea of waiving adoption fees for adult cats when shelters become overrun with kittens.  However, doing so is often a necessity, especially in the summer months. 

The research found that attachment to cats adopted from the study facility was not decreased when fees were eliminated.  In addition, eliminating adoption fees did not devalue the animals in the eyes of the adopters.  

Free adult cat programs could save the lives of thousands of shelter cats who would otherwise live in a shelter for months or be euthanized.  Good news for adult cats everywhere.

More info on the study is available at http://www.aspca.org.     


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