About Us

u SAAF is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations are tax deductible.

u Our mission:  Lead a collaborative effort in Greene County to improve animal welfare, promote accountability in pet ownership, and reduce animal overpopulation.

u Our staff:  Mary Crawford, Director; Cynthia Hagenhoff, Veterinarian; Nicole Jesky, Veterinarian; Jessie Dalton, licensed Veterinary Technician; Kristina Henry, Technician Assistant and Liz Lewis, Office Manager. Not only are we dedicated to ending pet overpopulation, we are true animal lovers. Between us, we are the proud owners of several dogs, cats and horses!

u Our Board of Directors:

Christy Snelling - President
Carl Woodland - Vice President
Stacy Williams - Secretary/Treasurer
Amanda Brown - Director
Connie Foster - Director
Leslie Sawyer - Director 
Mary Crawford - Ex officio


1600 North Washington

Springfield, MO  65803